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Prima ballerina of the Russian ballet August 3, 2010

Posted by egabriel in Ballet History.
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Avdotia Istomina was one of the most famous ballerinas  of the Russian ballet in the 19th century. Having said that, I must add that her origin and place of birth remain unknown. My intense web analytics search did not reveal any of her ancestors. Supposedly, she was born in 1799. She was brought to the ballet school by a flutist in an Army orchestra when she was just six years old.  She was the best student of the First ballet master Charles Didelot who managed to pass to her the best techniques, artistic methods and progressive ballet moves and positions.

She debuted in the Russian Imperial Ballet when she was only sixteen.  Charles Didelot was very proud of her. None of his other female dancers appeared on stage as often as Istomina, nor danced as many roles as she did.  For a long time Istomina, as a a prima ballerina had no equal in the Russian and, possibly, European ballet.

All young noble Russian aristocrats  and courtiers were in love with Istomina.  Famous writer Alexander Pushkin dedicated her beautiful lines in Eugene Onegin.  Noblemen were competing for her heart.  These dangerous competitions led to dueling during which several of them were killed.

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1. millicentmouse - September 12, 2010

Interesting post. I’m going to link your blog to mine, http://millicentmouse.wordpress.com.

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